Back to Business and The Dilemma

All wedding festivities have come to a close and its time to get to work.

I originally wanted to start my new programming, “The 4th Dimension”, on 1 June 2010 after my wedding and the honeymoon. However, when I arrived back at my parents house I discovered a CrossFit affiliate that has a heavy strength bias.

The Dilemma:

1.) Choose to workout at CrossFit Denton County (CFDC)
-a little bit more expensive
-have to do someone else’s programming
-may have to purchase some weights to do my own lifting
-most likely get in the best shape of my life
2.) Choose to workout at LTF
-a little bit cheaper
-my own programming and lifting
-won’t push myself as hard as at CFDC
-freedom to do whatever I want whenever I want
-not conducive to crossfit

There is a lot to think about. I am going to go see how much a real cheap weight set costs, if it isn’t bad I may go with CFDC. Also I am going to email the guy at CFDC and see if I can do a little extra lifting on my own in his gym. If he is cool with that then I will most likely end up at CFDC. We will see what happens.

Back to Business:

Either way, It time to get back to business. I’m headed to LTF, since CFDC is closed this weekend, and I am hitting up an intense METCON followed by some chest lifts. Posting Shall Resume!!!


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