FitCHEM 101 Explained




16 August 2010

Experiment Title:

FitCHEM 101

Description/What is being tested:

FitCHEM 101 has been designed to train for a wide range of fitness. It will range from endurance running one day to extremely heavy lifting the next. It takes the CrossFit mentality of “ready for anything” to the next level. Within CrossFit there are sub-training categories, for example: CrossFit football, CrossFit main site, CrossFit endurance, CrossFit strength bias.

Well I decided why do all of these have to be separated? So FitCHEM 101 smashes all of these together, while adding strict weight lifting and Olympic lifting, and even a slight touch of bodybuilding isolation exercises!!!!

I have read countless articles saying putting them all together is not possible. You will suffer somewhere….Well have they tried it? Are they just someone who has there bias? Well it’s about to happen. I am documenting everything! We will see what happens. What have I got to lose?


My prediction is that I will drop fat and overall bodyweight. I think I will gain strength in some areas and could possibly lose some strength in other areas, but maybe not. I honestly plan to improve every benchmark that has been tested while also lowering my resting heart rate. This program is all over the place and I hope I can stick with it. It will be a long program and I cannot wait to see what happens.

Honest Prediction: Prove everything I have read about this kind of training regime wrong. Increase cardiovascular endurance, muscular endurance, overall strength, and much more.


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