The Glory Days…

Have you ever met this guy…the high-school football player who rocked back in the day…the guy who could bench/squat/clean 3x what you can now (but couldn’t press their body weight today in any lift)….the guy who can ONLY talk about the glory days…?

These people are everywhere. Be careful to whom you speak of fitness, they may be listening. The Glory Day’s guys are, in my best attempt to explain it, a one upper. You know the guy who always has a better story than you, NO matter what your story is. The only problem with the Glory Day’s guys is that they are worse than any one upper anywhere.

These guys are talking about things they did in their “prime”, mind you, they may currently only be 22 years old. Nonetheless, they reached the pinnacle of athleticism, perfected every form of fitness, and mastered every feat of strength. It’s really quite impressive to meet these people. Their self projection of past accomplishments is infallible and to object is laughable. Since they accomplished such a thing they no longer give fitness a second thought. They prefer a beer, the TV, and a person to listen to their stories.

I cannot stand these guys!!! Reason: I played sports in school and had my moments of glory on the field….BUT… I am not caught up in it. I never think the younger version of myself is better than I am, or can be, today. I will get into age and fitness in a later post, so I won’t get into it now. My only point is this.

Never stop training. Never stop perfecting. Never stop performing. If you could squat 500 lbs 10 years ago…Get your ass back to work and get to 505 lbs. If you could run a mile in sub 6 min in your teens, but cant anymore,…Get your ass on a track and start running.

The only form of functional fitness that matters is the kind that can currently be performed. Who cares what you did once. Do it again. Do it better and do it bigger.

Thank You,

The FitCHEMist


One response to “The Glory Days…

  1. OMG_ this is so true… and men do it to me too! As soon as they I talk about Crossfit or fitness in general, they are so quick to tell me how amazing they were. The most fun is asking them what they bench or squat now….it usually leads to the “I’m busy this or that”.
    Fortunately, it is a great lead in to finding out if they want to get back there….but it is very annoying!

    Never Stop improving yourself…I love it!

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