FitCHEM 101 Fine Tuning

The First week of FitCHEM 101 is complete. I loved the first week and overall it went really well. However, I am going to add some rules and make some minor changes. This fine tuning should only refine the program make it better.

-Switching from a weekly 6 day schedule to a 3 on 1 off schedule
–Keeps the body refreshed and ready for the heavy lifts tempo

-NO heavy core lifts more than twice a week
–Since the program pulls from multiple sources it is impossible to determine which lifts are going to come each week. So to prevent over-training I made this rule. No Snatch, Clean, Bench, Squat, etc….can be done(in a heavy nature) more than twice in one week

That is all for now. If I see any additional needed changes I will update it as I go.


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