"A Goal Properly Set is Halfway Reached"

Well I am halfway through the program, so I thought I would have a short post on how the program is working out. I made some minor corrections to the program as far as rest days and a few other things, but after those immediate changes, things have been smooth.


  • Heavy Lifting: I have gone up in lifting categories each week. This is based off of the workouts, not max lifts. I will not max again till the program is over.
  • Bodybuilding: There are some good concentration movements in the program. I just need to realize they are important too and make sure I focus on muscle contraction.
  • CrossFit/Metabolic Conditioning: I need to start hitting the METCONs a little bit harder. I have had some good ones, but I don’t know how much improvement I will have by the end of the program. SO next half of the program is going to ramp up the intensity on METCONs.
  • Endurance: Endurance workouts are going well. Improving runs and hopefully overall endurance

The program is going very well. I’m right around the same starting weight, but I have fluctuated up and down throughout the program. I am looking leaner than before I started which makes minimal weight changes kind of puzzling. For those that do not know…I am not trying to lose weight at all. Trying to stay the same or gain up to 5lbs. This program would be good for losing weight to, but I am eating to where this does not happen. This program can take you a lot of different directions if you want it to. You just have to match the nutrition with your goals.


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