Slide it keyboard

So this new swipe keyboard is the hot new thing. However, its not out for the htc incredible. I can use the slide it keyboard. That’s actually what I’m using right now. I thought what’s the best new way to try out a keyboard… How abouta blog post. My name is actually really hard to do on here. Swipe has some cool features that this keyboard does not seem to have. For instance ifI doa single letter it will not automatically space them out for me. There is no way to capitalize on the keyboardon slide it like there its on swipe. Also there is no double letter feature on this keyboard. So words like cool or cook Are suppose to be hard but they are actually really easy. Moon. So there are only two cons. The single letter thing and no capitalization. And really the caps thing is no big deal. I don’t mind having to capitalize a word here and there. The only real problem is the single letter thing. Because I wrote this blog post on my phone, and I would have never written this much if I didn’t have this keyboard.

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