Day 1

Dave’s Weight is 450, mine will be 405

Day 1:
Backsquat 135×5
405×3 F

For Time
15 burpees
20 box jumps
25 DU

Completed 1:53

Notes:I did a modified version of his day 1 because I didn’t have access to a place where I could do the Olympic lifting. This will be the only day I modify. Other than that I learned that this “transitional” phase I have been in made my legs quite a bit weaker because I haven’t had a chance to squat heavy. Everything felt good till I loaded the bar at 405 and couldn’t press myself back up…an unusual day for me in the gym to say the least. My weight will still be at 405. I have taken long breaks from squat before and I have found it comes back rather quickly. Until then 405 will be on the bar everyday.


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