One Man One Barbell Beta Test

I have been sick for the last week and today was my first day back at it. Lets just say my body is not fully ready and I displayed absolute substandard fitness.

I am trying out some ideas for my new program “One Man One Barbell”. The idea behind OMOB is pretty simple. All workouts will be performed with one barbell and one barbell only. I will test a mixture of Bodybuilding and Powerlifting movements. The backbone of the program will be strength, explosive power and, of course, CrossFit. I said I will do some bodybuilding exercises, but know they will be minimal and the focus will be powerlifting.

The idea is to show how much one can actually accomplish with one barbell and some weights in your garage. I will show you how creative you can get in your garage and how easily you could actually say goodbye to ANY type of gym membership and work hard on your own time for far less money.

Full program details for OMOB will be out next week.

Todays Workout: No CrossFit due to the fact that I still can’t breathe very well from being sick.

10 sets @ 100% Body weight x 8-10 reps; variation on bench press (more detail in OMOB program outline next week)
Tabata Sit-ups (14)
Tabata Push-up (10)
Run 1.5 mile (11:20)

So my strength was lacking, my tabatas where embarrassing, and the run was practically a walk…Hoping the sickness damage isn’t permanent lol.



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