Oak Barrel Stout: My Official Review

As a birthday gift I was given the gift of beer! I am a trial member of the Beer of the Month Club. They send out a combination of domestic and international brews straight to your doorstep. I am on my second month and have enjoyed all the beers so far. This one is amazing though.

If you are into a really dark beer mixed with amazing flavors you will love this one.  I have no credentials backing my “review” of this beer aside from the fact that I love dark beer so here is the official description from beermonthclub.com

Oak Barrel Stout

Oak Barrel StoutOld Dominion’s Oak Barrel stout is one of the darkest beers we’ve seen in a while. This baby is completely opaque and offers up an inviting, rich, dark head.  On the nose, we found the vanilla beans added during dry-hopping to be very apparent, along with some notes of semi-sweet chocolate. There’s also a prominent smoke quality owing to the use of smoked and peated malts, along with an underlying caramel sweetness. On the palate look for an oaky woodiness to be prominent throughout as it intertwines with the smoky, charred, but not overly bitter malts. The hop contribution is subtle but earthy, while vanilla notes well up on the mid-palate, and the overall combination of flavors creates a bourbon-like impression at some points (although this is not a bourbon-barrel aged stout). Finishes quite dry with an herbal hop note, a touch of vanilla, and a light bitterness in the fade.

Serving Temperature: 50-55°F
Alcohol by Volume: 6.13%
Int’l Bittering Units (IBUs): 28.1
Suggested Glassware: Pint Glass or Mug
Malts: Pale, CaraMunich I, Carafoam, Wheat, Crystal, Smoked, Peated
Hops: Magnum, Mt. Hood

Great Beer! Will definitely be put on my top three beers of all time! The vanilla flavor turns into an almost cream soda flavor, but not in the sweet side of things at all. Still very dark and stout. After halfway through the bottle you start to get a cream soda taste just from the intense vanilla flavors. My best comparison would be a heavy version of 1554, also on my top three, but different flavors. 1554 is more on the coffee side and this beer is more on the vanilla side.

Try it out if you get a chance!!


2 responses to “Oak Barrel Stout: My Official Review

  1. Wow! Great review Jerred!! You sound like you’ve been doing this for years. You are one multi-talented pilot 🙂

    Your descriptions almost makes me want to become a beer drinker, despite my glutten allergies!


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