Initial Flight Screening (IFS) Week 1

I will probably only post things about IFS on the weekend b/c I would like to keep my main focus on flying and academics.

Recap of the short week:

Wednesday– All we did was check in. I went to medical, got an ID badge, and checked in at lodging. A good thing is that a lot of people are two to a room and I happened to get a single room, which is awesome. After you check in and everything they do not expect much out of you. Just changed out of my uniform and hung out with some friends.

Thursday– Thursday was a long day. Up at 0500, had breakfast, and went to some briefings. All the briefings were just letting us know that this is a SCREENING program and not a TRAINING program. This means you have a few chances to adapt, but if they don’t feel you would make a good military aviator, you are gone.

We then had to take a PT test in the middle of the day which is kind of rough at almost 5,000ft. Right after the PT test we had to eat, shower, change clothes and head to class. We had about twenty minutes to do all three of those things so I missed out on lunch.

Academics started and they weren’t too bad. The instructors are pretty cool and do a good job of teaching. However, they can only do so much. We are learning all ground school, aerodynamics, radio calls, and how to fly in less than a weeks time. How much of that can sink in?? I’ll let you know if I pass my tests…

After academics we went to our flight rooms and were introduced to our flight commander. He seems alright, a very straight to the point type of individual. I like those types. After his speech we then had to take our BOLDFACE/OPS LIMITS Test. This is the test that everyone is suppose to know before you arrive. If you do not pass the test your entire flight has to stay in  blues (semi-formal uniforms) and cannot wear a flight suits until everyone passes. We had 8 out of 34 people fail the test. I was not one of them. I thought that was a lot of failures, but a buddy of mine had 15 of 34 fail in his flight. We get to take it again next Tuesday. Hopefully we all pass then.

Once we were finally released for the day a few friends and I started studying and taking practice tests. We have a big test next week that decides if we stay or go. We are planing on studying a lot this weekend too.

We finally called it a day. If you count all the IFS stuff and studying it made for about a 16.5 hour day. It wasn’t too bad though.

Friday– Today was pretty simple. Wake up had breakfast and did some organized PT in the morning. After that we had about 8 hours of classes with a lunch thrown in the middle. Once we were released we had dinner and started some chair flying. Chair flying is just sitting in a cockpit and going through all the procedures you would normally go through if you were actually flying. It helps with muscle memory and memorization overall. We only did that for about an hour b/c we have very little free time here and wanted to enjoy ourselves somewhat. So a few friends and I had some beers and just hung out. Now I’m chilling in my room trying to make myself tired by blogging…I woke up at 0445, but not really tired. My mind is always racing here. I can tell next week will be stressful.

My first impression of IFS is that it won’t be all bad. Sure it ill be challenging and extremely stressful, but you have to stay positive. I don’t mind long days and studying about this stuff. I find it interesting. So no complaints from me. Except for missing lunch on Thursday lol. I just hope I pass that big test next week and after that I hope I have the ability to  fly to their standards. The flying will be very stressful. You have to multi task with a lot of new stuff some of us have never seen, but I am just taking it one day at a time.

Just wathching my feet as I walk where I don’t get too overwhelmed.

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