IFS…Week 3?

Originally I wanted to keep a weekly journal of IFS. Well that’s not happening. I can’t do it during the week because if I am awake, I am studying, if I am not studying I am flying.

That leaves the weekend to do what I can. Last weekend…was not in the mood.

This week I flew everyday. I got better each flight and I still have a lot of work to do. I changed IP’s on Wednesday and I learned more with this guy in about thirty minutes than I did in four full flights with my old IP. I was actually excited to fly my rides with this IP. That doesn’t make me a better pilot and he certainly doesn’t let me off the hook when I am an idiot. However, he does understand that I am not a pilot and flying is not second nature to me. Some of these IPs have more time in a plane than they do sleeping. This make them assume you know a crap-ton more than you do. After talking with a bunch of students here and some of my friends I think it all boils down to your IP.

I will post later on any tips in tricks for IFS, but I will only do that if I freaking graduate from this place. A lot is riding on my flights next week so it will be kind of stressful.

Overall it was a decent week at IFS. The flying is all we have to focus on now. Before it has been a combination of flying and studying academics for tests we finished up this week. Next week we start our formal brief at 0510 everyday…joy. Looking forward to unwinding a little bit this weekend, but then its back to work. I am looking forward to working my ass off this coming week to get back to my Wife. She is the most supportive and amazing person in the world and I would do anything for her. I could write endless pages on the angel God gave me, my wife, but that will have to wait till after IFS.

There is some gathering/party tonight hosted by the IPs. I am going to go to that until something turns me off to the whole thing…like guys discussing why they won’t fly the F-22 as opposed to the F-16…blah blah blah. Right now I am a freaking DA-20 Pilot until the Air Force says otherwise. Not saying thats my goal by any means, but thats what I am as of now…

Apparently the “S” in IFS, screening, starts next week. So some people may be going home, quitting, or graduating. I’ll keep you posted.

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