more fun with crossfit de football

Ring Push Ups 3 x max reps (22-18-15)

Complete 5 rounds for time:

20 Overhead Walking Lunges w/ 45 lbs plate (10 each leg)
10 90 degree rotational box jumps (right & left counts as one rep) 20 inch box
10 Ring Push-ups

Rest 45 seconds between rounds

*On lunge, back knee has to touch the ground to be counted.
*For rotational box jumps, start by facing the box, jump and rotate to the right 90 degrees landing on the box. Step down and jump again, this time rotating 90 degrees to the left landing on the box. One jump to the right and one to the left counts as one rep. Start and land in a good athletic position.

completed – w/rests 16:26


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