New Kettlebell Fun

-Warm-up (10 min)


Push-up 100+
Sit-up 100+
Squat 198
Fitness apps:

Just for fun I tried out these android apps that walk you through workouts for push-ups, sit-ups, and squats. You enter in how many you can do, how many you want to do, and it gives you a workout based on your ability. It is nothing more than multiple sets of each but it was pretty fun. The pics are what the apps look like in the android market.

Then I did this special forces kettlebell workout. Very fun. Started off easy for my first time and would like to gradually increase weight, reps, and circuits.

Jump Rope: 5 min

(Do 1-5 circuits) **I did 3
(Start slow)

Kettlebell Circuit: (I used 1 pood, or a 35lb KB for each exercise)
Windmills x5 per side
Limbo Lunge w/16-24kg x5
Side Press x5 per side
Turkish Get-up x5 per side
Pistols x5-25 per leg (with or with out weight)   **w/o weight
Front Squat x5-50   **5
Alternating Cleans x5-50   **5
Snatches w/16kg x10-25   **10**what I did


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