Nemesis Week: Workout 1 of 2

When I start something I tend to dive in head first, and sometimes I may bite off more than I can chew. Well I started CrossFit about a year ago and I didn’t want your average CrossFit workouts. I wanted some kick your ass CrossFit workouts. After  a little research I decided to kick things off with multiple CrossFit workouts in a row. Well this workout was my second or third workout and it killed me. I have quit workouts becasue of injury before but other than that I never quit a workout.

This is the only workout that has beaten me due to lack of heart, or drive.



75 lb sumo deadlift high pull
75 lb push jerk

The workout doesn’t even look bad, but since it is so light you want to go fast…but 168 reps gets tough.

I tried my best to reenact my fatigue level by doing the following:

3 rounds of Paul

50 double unders
35 knees to elbow
20 yard walk with 185 lbs overhead

Then rest 5 minutes

Then I COMPLETED Nemesis 1!!!

The workout does suck but nothing like it did a year ago.

Later this week I will do NEMESIS 2…KALSU

Nemesis 1 was failure because I lacked drive. Nemesis 2 I lacked skilled strength. We will see how it goes.


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