Build Your Own Rings

This can cost between $10-$20 depending on what you already have at home.

Here is how I did it:

16 – ¾” 45 degree PVC elbow joints
1 – ½” 10 foot PVC pole
1 – Roll of duct tape
1 – Can of PVC cement
2 – Tie down straps normally used on trucks

I already had everything at home except for the PVC so I went to Home Depot and got all the PVC for around $10. If you have none of this you can get it all at Home Depot for around $20.


Cut the 10 foot PVC pole into 16, 1.5 inch, pieces.

STEP 2:Take the PVC Cement and coat the inside of the 45 degree elbow joints (this is not 100% necessary but I wanted as much stability as possible), Don’t do them all at the same time!

After you have coated the inside of one joints insert one of the 1.5 inch pieces you have already cut. Then coat another elbow joint and place it over the rest of the reaming portion of the 1.5 inch piece.

Repeat this step till you have formed your first ring…then do the same for the second ring.

Side note: Make two halves of a circle then place them together to complete the circle. Do not keep building in a circular manner or else the last piece will be very complicated.


Wrap your rings in as much duct tape as you want. This will increase padding, form a very nice circle, and add stability.

STEP 4: 

This may seem like a lot of work but seriously it took me like 15-20 min. This is a great cheap remedy and totally worth the $10 and 15minutes.

I actually made these rings over a year ago and they are still holding up really well. I think I’m about to build another pair and so I decided to post these instructions.

If some of my instructions don’t make sense or you need more explanation just let me know.


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