random workout of the day

5 sets 5,4, 3, 2, and 1 reps

1 rep = 5 ring rows and 5 ring dips (so the first set is a total of 50 reps)

rest 1min 30 secs between sets.

rest 3 minutes

Punching Bag Holding Game (50+lbs.)


-You must hold the punching bag for 10 consecutive minutes
-The first and last minute you must hold the bag over your head
-You can hold the bag in two ways only, over your head or in your arms how youe would carry a new bride over the threshhold
-You can rest for 10 secs per minute. The only way you can rest is by hugging the bag
-You must remain standing the entire 10 minutes
-Every time the bag rest on your shoulders or you drop it, the penalty is a 1 mile run

I think that’s about it. Making a workout a game is always fun.


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