The Air Force’s Fighter Aircrew Conditioning Test + a little extra

Have you ever wondered what standards Air Force fighter pilots are held to as far a physical fitness is concerned? Well here it is…The Fighter Aircrew Conditioning Test or the FACT.

The FACT determines an individual’s muscle fitness as it applies to operating high-G aircraft and identify anaerobic weakness that can be improved through specific physical conditioning. Flying in a high G environment is not an easy task. It is very demanding on the body and you have to be in good shape to do it day in and day out. What happens when you start to pull G’s is all of the blood starts to run to your extremities, thus making you pass out or G-LOC (G-Induced Lack of Consciousness). G-LOC can kill, bottom line. Having strong muscle control can help you slow the blood flow by an intentional maneuver call the AGSM (Anti-G Straining Maneuver). I won’t get into the details but watch the video and you will kind of understand.

Pretty fun stuff. Well here is the FACT and my performance on it today.

FACT (at 185lb bodyweight):

Strength Portion:
Arm Curl – 60lbs, 15 reps

**60 sec. rest**

Bench Press – 145lbs, 15 reps

**60 sec. rest**

Lat Pull – 125lbs, 15 reps

**60 sec. rest**

Leg Press – 295lbs, 15 reps

**60 sec. rest**

Leg Curl – 90lbs, 15 reps

**60 sec. rest**

Muscular Endurance Portion:

Push-Ups (1 min) – 50 reps

**60 sec. rest**

Crunches (1 min) – 50 reps

**60 sec. rest**

Leg Press (1 min) – 185lbs 50 reps

On the strength portion it is 10 reps to pass and 15 reps to max. On the endurance portion it is 20 reps to pass 50 to max. I maxed the FACT!!!

Here is the little extra we did today:

power clean 8-6-4-2 (ended w/ 185lbs)
push-up 35-30-25-20

pull-ups 15-15-15
kettlebell swing 12-12-12 (73lbs)

plate slams 20-20-20 (45lbs)
farmers walk 100′  (95lbs)

Each group of two exercises was supersetted.


2 mile run